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From: Kenny
Date: 13 Apr 2002
Time: 12:43:40
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I've been wanting to get Companions of Xanth ever since I read Demons don't Dream in 1996. But I never found it... A while ago, I was trying to work with this guy and get it uploaded on the internet so people could download it (yeah, a tad illegal I'm sure), but I think he lost my email or something... I REALLY want that game, even if you can't choose a different companion or Kim... I just re-read it for about the 15th time... I have almost 20 of Piers Anthony's Xanth books, and about 20 others of his. Anyway, I think it would be easy to bring it back, in updated form. Choose your own companion, random encounters with griffins, dragons, com pewter, maybe sending, and of course good creatures, like Nimby, or hiatus in the region of madness. Stuff like that. customise your character, male female, hair color, skin color. Clothing color, etc. Actually, in my mind it's more like a modern 3d rpg. they would make tons of money. I would buy it, and I know about 15 others in school that would too, if I told them to. :-)

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