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       Working for the company HMC, I am a professional magician that works under the stage name Draco.  I have been under the practice of magic for awhile now and have made it to an acceptable caliber.  At present day my occupation is student and I practice magic on the side.

The "Members" section is recommended to those of you who are also interested in magic. Features of being a member include:

Learning some everyday tricks you can do.

Notices on updates of this page.

More information on becoming a member of the magic ring.

Links to exclusive magic sites with the "top props".

To top it all off, this membership comes with a very low price... FREE! We all love to hear that word...especially underpaid magicians... For you information on obtaining a membership just click on the "members" link to the top left.

With one of many skills, I have designed this web page solo and would enjoy opinions on how I could improve it if you are expirenced.   ***Thank you for visiting***