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Torn has die hard fans

----Ripped, shredded, unraveled, tear, the quality of being torn, pulled apart or in pieces by force, to leave ragged or to leave irregular edges, to pull or snatch violently, wrench away with force, to narrow or disrupt, to lacerate, the best band of all time, to produce or effect by rending, rend, rip, cut, mangle, to move with great haste, the act of tearing----
Song List
1) Can't Take It
2) Woe
3) I Am Missin' You
4) Livin' in the Future
5) Melody of Integrity
6) The Man in the Glass
7) Sleep with an Angel
8) No Destiny
9) Twisted
10) Losers
11) Spare Me
12) Lost Past
13) Views of the World


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