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Product Promise
What Should I Expect?
Taylor Made Illusions will only provide you with the top most service.  After all, it is your money and you want the best products and service you can get for it.  Being the First online seller of plans, we will sell only a limited amount of each type of illusion.  When we run out of a certain type it will be replaced by another.  So keep checking back for new plans!
What Comes With Each Plan?
Each plan includes absolutely everything you need.  Everything down to even the ability to contact our designers and magicians for specific questioning to make sure your illusion is put together correctly.
How Long Is Shipping?
The longer it takes to order the longer the shipping!  Order now and you can expect you custom illusion plans by mail anywhere from - to -.  In most cases the plans are sent out at the precise revival of your order. 
What If There Is A Problem?
Upon ordering you will receive a private contact to our employees.  If there is a problem with your illusion plans just let us know and it will be taken care of with top priority and care.  Our goal is to please our costumers with any information and help they need.