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U.S. Manga Corps.

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Welcome to the U.S. Manga Corp! If you have come here you must be interested in joining this club. Please read on to better inform yourself on how we will run things.

The U.S. Manga Corp. is strictly dedicated to any medium that is related to anime. This includes manga, drawing (anime), movies, comics (American), video games, possible card trading, and group or individual discussions on your favorite anime. For those artists interested in joining us, there will be periods where we will be able to draw anime and socialize with your neighbors during club time. For those who can't draw or wish to pick up the art, may have one of the leaders assists you on your drawing needs. In each meeting we will be allowing the consumption of food and drink products either supplied by us or by the members.

Any questions, comments please email them to one of the below addresses.  Thank you.