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The Story

Why use Team Renaissance for a Fundraiser?

Proven Results:  The Project Kit is compiled from years of proven results.

*Guarantee #1:  If you follow the project guide and do not at least recover the entire show fee, we will refund the difference between our show fee and what was recovered. 
*Guarantee #2:  The majority of your audience will thoroughly enjoy the performance or 75% of the show fee will be refunded.
*Guarantee #3:  If within 7 days of receiving the project kit you feel that it is not all you expected, send it back.  Your contract will be cancelled and your deposit refunded.   

Although we here at Team Renaissance believe that our  performance cannot be topped, it is the project kit that guarantees you money.  It was hand written from years of experience and has proven time and time again to raise thousands of dollars for organizations world wide!  To receive more information on this fail-safe fundraising event and bring family fun entertainment to your community please click on the contact link.